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Who: Duster, Ira, Lydia Deetz, Mary Read, Minato Arisato, Saori Nakagawa, Tazendra Lavode
What: The two groups enter Santaland from different directions, meet up, and learn about what's going on.
Where: Village of Santa Claus
When: April 24
Notes: Please add in starters for new scenes. Please read the OOC plotting thread for plotting and such!
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Who: Aang, Aoi, Barkeep, Kenshin, Midna, Sparks, Vincent
What: Two groups meet up and decide to check out the nice, cool forest. There may be someone waiting there
Where: Cursed Forest, Temple of Earth?
When: March 24
Notes: There will be multiple starters

From two separate directions, bands of Heroes traverse the wastelands in search for the others. One crossed an entire desert carrying the remains of an airship engine, wishing for water. The other climbed down the Death Mountains fearing for their lives. At last, they have more people to talk to.
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Who: Ales Mansay, Ardyn Izunia, Deadpool, Hisui Hearts
What: Catch-all for various meetings and wacky conversations the Four Archfiends had while the Heroes of Light were sleeping
When: 5 years ago to current day
Where: Temples, various hangouts, vague meeting rooms of plotting
Notes: Only the archfiends may respond to this post. Starters can be brought up by anyone.
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Who: Anise, Jade, Selphie and Sonic
What: Team Gotta Go Hyper arrives at New Mysidia but first, they have to get past the guards and whatever company is thrown their way.
Where: New Mysidia
When: March 15
Warnings: None yet.
Crossing the distant night, wandering the desert sea. )
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Characters Barkeep, Sparks, Vincent, Rialynn & Midna
Where Desert of Evil.
When Five Years Later...
Summary This isn't where I left my pants...
Warning Will Update

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Characters Sephiroth, Chrom, Rikku & Yuna.
Where Swamp of Sorrow.
When Five Years Later...
Summary the Pilgrimage of Team Swords & Spirans.
Warning Will Update

ode de dolorum ♪ )
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Characters: Albel, Nanami, Sheena, and Twilight Sparkle
Where: Stiltzkin Castle
When: March 5th, Five years later.
Summary: It's been five years and our heroes have woken up, and there's a castle! A castle! Did I mention there's a castle?

If I could find it, what would I wish for? )
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Characters: Team Zestiria the Cross (Sorey, Mikleo, Lailah, Edna)
Where: Hera Island, near Former Research Center
When: March 5th
Summary: I didn't want to be left out of the song lyric extravanganza. Stuff happens.

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Characters: Aoi Kurashiki, Akane Kurashiki, Kenshin, Aang
Where: Death Mountain, Desert of Evil side
When: After the time skip, March 5th
Summary: Wake up, Heroes! Wake up! We’re going to Death Mountain. It’ll be an adventure. We’re going on an adventuuuuuure, Heroes.


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Characters: Team Incompatible Housemates ( Ace, Tear Grants, Sayaka Miki, Kyoko Sakura )
Where: Misery Mire – Ruins of Balicea, Ghost City of Aqures Ixen.
When: March 5th, Five Years Later...
Summary: When a person says they want to go to the beach, they don't expect to wake up in the World of Ruin instead.

I don't know if Bastille actually applies, it's what shuffle pulled up. )
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Characters: Pyrrha Nikos, Jaune Arc, Ruby Rose, Eleanor Hume
Where: Haunted Ruins, near Aerilon II
When: March 5th
Summary: The glorious formation of Team JPER and their travels to Aerilon II

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Characters: Chiaki Nanami, Meredy, Jack Harkness, K'pandolu Tohka
Where: Haunted Ruins, near the Forgotten Temple
When: March 5th
Summary: Chiaki was wrong. Now they're on Disc 4. Time to come up with a strategy.

In this town of Halloween )
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Characters: Levy McGarden, Tsubomi Hanasaki, Rukia Kuchiki, Ryoji Kaji, and NPCs
Where: Swamp of Sorrow, near the Calamity Forest
When: March 5th
Summary: Four Heroes of Light awaken in a swamp and decide to go somewhere that is hopefully less horrible

We have to live, I don't care how )
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On the bright side, Cloud hadn't thrown up when the ship went down. Of all the things that went wrong that day, at least the fortitude of his stomach remained intact.

He'd braced himself for impact and after that it was fuzzy. Dream and memory intermingled. When he and the other Heroes blacked out and later he wouldn't be able to recall which parts actually happened and which were just projected assumption. He even thought he saw Zack running around on the deck trying to help, as absurd as that mental image of a chocobo trying to help keep an airship in flight was.

The next thing he was aware of was the feeling of thick water lapping against the side of his head. That and a sense of cloying scruffiness around his face. Grunting, he pushed himself up to sitting, half in and half out of some water. The dry ground wasn't very much so, more mud. Looking around blearily he could make out shapes moving in the fog around him. Things slipped into focus bit by bit from there. This was a swamp of some sort, or a marsh, whatever. Same difference.

Next he noticed three bodies laying near him; Reno, Johnny and another he knew was a fellow Hero but didn't really know by name. Dylan or something? His mind more latched onto the fact that the way they were laying was that it was almost like Johnny and Reno were reaching for each other.

The last thing to shuffle into focus were the shapes moving in the distance. They were a bit far off, too far, hopefully, to see or smell or hear them...but there were Malboros sloshing through the marshwater and mud in every direction.


Mar. 24th, 2017 02:34 pm
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WHO: Asch the Bloody, Flynn Scifo, Natalia L.K. Lanvaldear, Yuri Lowell
WHAT: A bunch of Tales characters wake up in the Misery Mire. It's going to be awful. And wonderful. But mostly awful.
WHEN: Five Years Later...
WHERE: Misery Mire (Center), Ghost City of Aqures Ixen

Moo-hoo! T_T )
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Characters: Jade, Anise, Selphie, Sonic
Where: Haunted Ruins, en route to New Mysidia
When: March 5th
Summary: The four awaken in the middle of ruins swarming with vengeful spirits of the dead and Calamity-infected T-Rexes. It all goes downhill from there.

Suddenly this game turned into survival horror )
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Characters:Saori Nakagawa, Ira, James Kidd, Lydia Deetz, and NPCs
Where: Lost Continent (Center)
When: March 5th
Summary: The four awaken in the chilly tundra of the Lost Continent without a sign of civilization nearby.

While the snow falls all around me... )
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Characters: Duster, Tazendra, Lust, Minato, NPCs
Where: Village of Santa Claus, Mythril Mines
When: Starting March 5th
Summary: The four wake up in the World of Ruins. They catch up on what happened and explore the area they've ended up in

The real question is: who here would be the least terrible leader? )
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Characters: Anyone
Where: Aquares Ixen Lab.
When: March 3rd (backdate like a champ!)
Summary: Aang faces his Shadow
Warning: Probably Avatar spoilers (if that's not past the statue of limitations, discussions of genocide, will edit as things come up. Aren't kids cartoons great?

You must gain balance within yourself before you can bring balance to the world. )


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