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Event || Another Side, Another Story

Characters: Anyone (only characters who come in as part of the event can start new threads).
Where: Mysidia, then everywhere.
When: From the 22nd to the 28th of February.
Summary: A new group of Heroes of Light that was awakened by Kalki months ago just reached the city of Mysidia. They can explore the city or the rest of the world-- And most importantly, meet the characters already in-game. Please refer to this OOC Post for more details. Sign-ups will end along with the event on the 29th, so you can still jump in! A second IC log will be posted on that day to conclude the event.
Warning: N/A.

— 22nd of February – 10:00 AM —

After a long and tenuous journey, these new Heroes of Light have finally reached the gates of Mysidia. After everything they went through, the sight of such a welcoming and friendly city probably looks like a shining beacon of light in the midst of darkness. Maybe this is the end of their hardships. But this might be the beginning of another story altogether. Besides the natives, they may meet some of the already in-game Heroes of Light-- Some live in Mysidia and those who don't will be informed within hours of what's happening through Mognet.

There might be a lot of questions asked on both sides, and unfortunately there are very few answers.

— Anytime —

Mysidia isn't like any other city in Crystallis. The people living in this city tend to excel in magic, as witnessed by the edifices dedicated to magic and the study of Magitek. It is within this prosperous city that the new Heroes of Light might get to know some of the species populating the world of Crystallis, namely the Primal Moogles, Bangaas and Elezens. For people as exhausted as these new heroes, there is everything they might need: inns to sleep, restaurants to eat and shops to restock what they need. After all of this, they may get to know traders, treasure hunters and maybe start learning of this city's history and magics.

And beyond all of these things, they may get to meet the Heroes of Light who already live in this city. The natives will tell them what little they know, but it's these Heroes who know the most here. There is also an Airship docked by the city, and it will leave for Aqures Ixen every day starting from the 23rd.

— Everyday starting the 23rd of February – 03:00 PM —

One of the things these new Heroes of Light might not have seen before are Airships. Wonderful flying contraptions that allow people go to roam the skies freely! And the Enterprise is one of the biggest and most advanced Airship in this world. Developed by Cid, it now belongs to the Heroes of Light who use it in their quest to rid Crystallis of the Calamity. This Airship will go back and forth from Aqures Ixen to Mysidia, everyday for the entire duration of the event.

Some areas are off-limits, such as the machine room. But there are quarters in the Airship where the Heroes of Light can sleep-- They're big enough to contain only four beds... Comfort isn't really the name of the place. If they'd like though, they can go to the bridge to get an amazing view while on their way to the next city, or to the cafeteria in case they're hungry. Who knows, maybe they'll meet other Heroes of Light whilst aboard the Airship.

— Anytime staring the 23rd of February – 08:00 PM —

Aqures Ixen is what a lot of Heroes of Light would call "home," or at least it's the closest thing they have to a home in this world. The Enterprise will bring all new Heroes of Light to this city, and this is where they are most likely to meet their peers who weren't in Mysidia. Aqures Ixen is a large town with people from all over Crystallis meeting and working together: what might be the most apparent to any newcomer is the Blitzball Stadium where games are regularly being held. What might be less apparent are the former Heroes of Light now in Crystal Stasis, all kept in the Hospital. Hopefully one of your friends isn't among them...

Noticeably, characters may notice the Hypellos shipping rather large chocolate eggs and various chocolate sculptures into the city. Certainly it cannot be related to Choco Egg Day happening next month, can it? They'll mention no one is to eat these eggs, and while characters are free to disregard what they say, anyone working for the Law Enforcement is free to put those who would dare eat these delicious chocolate eggs in jail.

— Anytime —

From Mysidia, characters may explore the Ancient Ruins, go to Downapolis or even go back to the Crystal Forest-- But why would they want to go back into the crystal caves? And with Aqures Ixen, all of Crystallis is now open to these new Heroes of Light. Indeed, boarding a Shoopuf Airline Airship will take the characters to nearly any city, besides Aerilon, Nabila and the Continent of Ruins. If you don't like Airships, you can try capturing a Chocobo at the Chocobo Farm next to Aqures Ixen, but beware of Chocobo Eaters!

Trano Golsaucia is a popular destination for new Heroes of Light: it's by far the city with the most things to do, whether you're into Blitzball, Triple Triad, Chocobo Races or Mini-Games. There's even a horror square! But surely Heroes of Light who've seen so much won't be afraid by fake ghosts and spooky attractions... Right?

And besides these places? Feel free to check the location page and pick which places interest you the most!
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A. Mysidia

With the influx of another set of heroes, the streets and businesses of Mysidia have been rather crowded lately. Crowded, busy, and noisy.

Especially if you happen to pass a small inn near the edge of the town.


The shouting is coming from the aforementioned inn, and emanating from an angry looking orange pony. Applejack is staring down the innkeeper who seem to be nervously rethinking the last suggestion.

"Look, pardner, Ah like nature as much as the next pony, but after several months of trekking through it, Ah want to spend the night at someplace with a warm bath and soft bed! Now do you have an open room, or do Ah have to take mah business elsewhere?"

It's looking to be a tense situation. Probably best to just keep moving, or perhaps you can offer some help?

B. Aqures Ixen

After a ride on an airship, Applejack found herself in Aqures Ixen. Currently she seems to just be taking in the sights. The orange pony is casually strolling through the streets, though it does seem like she's glancing around more than usual. As if she's looking for something...

C. Chocobo Farm

While the cities were great for cleaning up, resupplying, and spending a night in a comfortable bed, Applejack is at heart a country gal, and that simple fact seems pretty obvious as she's visiting the Chocobo Farm. While in no need of one of large birds herself, just being out in the open air, on a farm, is enough to bring a wide grin to her face.

You may even catch her trying to heard some of the animals for exercise. Might want to be careful you don't get accidentally lassoed.
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Shining Armor had gotten the letter, and finding Twilight, he was pacing around the town center, waiting for a sight of a certain orange pony. "I hope she made it okay," said Shining worriedly. "Maybe we should go look for her?"
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[personal profile] im_pancake 2016-02-28 04:12 pm (UTC)(link)
"Yeah, we should. I mean, the letter even sounded like she was being distracted by something." Twilight said.
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Another one of those "pony" things. Well Shining was nice enough. With a loud "Kweh!", Zack is off and running after Applejack, curious to investigate this newcomer. With his long stride it didn't take long for him to catch up with her.
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Did someone say "help"? That's the magic word that summons Wander to anywhere, though he was busy feeding the nearby flock of pigeons while Applejack was having a word with an innkeeper. He is distracted from his current distraction by the sound of yelling. A friend! Yelling!

"Applejack?" He drops all the remaining breadcrumbs onto the ground, which is immediately covered in birds, and walks next to her. "They don't got any room for us?"