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Name:Melodies of Life || Log Community
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After having seen reality shatter and collapse around you, you sank into a void and found a Crystal. Next thing you know, you awaken before the enormous Crystal of Fire, in the city of Aqures Ixen with your hand clutched on the Crystal you just found. You are no longer in your world. As if it wasn't strange enough, your clothes have changed as well. They are now a reflection of the Jobs you are wielding, mysterious powers granted to you by the Crystal. What does it all mean? Fear not, for you are surrounded by Moogles, small and fluffy creatures who are more than happy to inform you about everything you want to know.

They tell you that you are a Hero of Light! One of the legendary hero who fought a great evil and saved the world of Crystallis millenias ago, and whose return was prophesied by the Ancients. You do not believe what the Moogle is telling you? Too bad, because people here do believe you are one of the legendary hero. And the Moogle who told you all of that? Is now following you like your shadow. Hopefully this little ball of fur didn't annoy you, because you're going to have and cope with him or her for a while.

Will you follow what destiny these people have cast unto you? Or are you actually the very Calamity these people are afraid of? Whatever the answers are, you will have to pierce the secrets of this world if you desire to go home.

Melodies of Life is a Panfandom RP inspired by the Final Fantasy video game franchise. It is a plot-centered game with a focus on adventure and exploration, open to Canon Characters, AUs, OCs and Game Imports. Your character is told they are one of the legendary Hero of Light whose return was prophesied thousands of years ago-- But is this the truth? Can your character really save this world? No matter what they chose to believe, it quickly becomes clear uncovering the secrets behind the Crystals may be the only way for them to go back home someday.

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