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Characters: Anyone who's been in the game
Where: Aqures Ixen
When: August 3rd
Summary: A story is over, many others are about to begin. Friends may reunite and rejoice together, friends may part and say farewell to each over forever. But even if you should leave your friends behind, your voice shall never forget their melodies.

Following the battle against Kalki, the sacrifice of old friends and the second destruction of Aqures Tosf, Palitutu cast all Heroes of Light into the Rift, each of them finding themselves in an all too familiar void. And yet... Soon the void vanished, as it had once before. This time it was all too clear none of this had been a dream. Upon coming to their senses, the Heroes of Light will find themselves on the outskirts of Aqures Ixen. Music and laughter can be heard coming from the city.

Is there a celebration in the city? Shouldn't it be filled with corrupted Heroes of Light and on the brink of destruction? Before they can do anything about these questions, the Heroes of Light are submerged by a wave of fluffy white balls of fur and fluff- the Moogles who helped them for all these years and are now overjoyed to see they are safe and sound. As they once did before, the Moogles will answer all of their questions, but also drag them into the city. A celebration is indeed taking place and why, it appears they are the reason the celebration is happening. The music is joyous, the people are happy and all appears to be for the best.

Upon reaching the third district, they will see familiar faces. Cid, Wedge, Biggs, Parajapati, Mograma, O'aka and many other friends they made along the way. They will all clap for them before congratulating them and taking part in the festivities. There are more familiar faces, however. Where once stood the Crystal of Fire is now a statue depicting four Heroes of Light: Sephiroth, Minato, Tears and Sayaka, all four of them brandishing their crystal and weapons in a heroic posture.

Whilst many might be sad and mourn them, perhaps this is also an occasion to celebrate what they were in life and carry the memory of their deeds into your own life. Melodies of life, come circle round and grow deep in our hearts, as long as we remember.

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Who: Cloud and OPEN
Where: The Enterprise
When: Backdated to as the Heroes are being gathered back together, perhaps after the Fiends but before the Final Dungeon. Either way, the beard has been shaved off, thank the gods.
Summary: Cloud tells the other Heroes what his group found in Esdham. Perhaps there's still time to go back there if people want to.

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Characters: The Heroes of Light
Where: The Planet’s Core
When: May 31st
Summary: The end is at hand! Will the Heroes of Light prevail and stop Kalki from using the Calamity to destroy all of existence?

Mingle | The Enterprise
Exploration | Final Dungeon
Final Boss Battle
All Good Things…
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Who: Anyone who wasn't going to the Archfiend Dungeons.
What: Going in to Aqures Ixen after the Research Lab.
Warnings?: Death, danger, existential crises, the highest concentration of Warriors Of Darkness in the world.

While others are going after the Archfiends, Kaji and a few others are going after what was lost at the Crystal Research Lab in Aqures Ixen. The results of a few research projects had still been up in the air, but Kaji cant tell if their work has been co-opted by the people who are left.

They have the potential to run into their former allies, Kaji hasn't seen any of them so far, but the mere thought of having to fight their friends doesn't sit well with him. Doubly so because Kaji is running with Crystal Researcher and Scholar: he isn't even carrying a weapon and is back in his 'Freelancer' gear, what he'd been wearing from home.

The city is dark, emptier than Kaji has ever seen it, but he knows that doesn't mean it isn't dangerous. "We ready for this?"
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Characters: Anyone! Everyone! No One?
Where: Tower of Melodies (In the Dream Width, itself in the Interdimensional Rift)
When: Never
Summary: The Heroes of Light in the Village of Santa Claus contacted the PuPu... And this happened.
Warning: Nothing is true.

The PuPu found an anomaly in the Dream Width, a very dangerous region of the Interdimensional Rift. As it stands, the only place more dangerous than the Dream Width is the Calamity itself. But of course, heroes are there to fight and prevent the anomaly from spreading! And lo, the PuPu took the brave and fearless Heroes of Light from the Village of Santa Claus into the Interdimensional Rift and to this anomaly...

And upon reaching the anomaly, the Heroes of Light found themselves in front of a gigantic tower, lost amidst the darkness. The tower was black is so gigantic, so high it was impossible to see its summit! But even worse awaited inside...
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Who: Hisui Hearts, anyone else.
What: Facing the Archfiend of Water, the most badass of all archfiends.
Where: Under the sea, under the sea~
When: May 15th
Notes: Yadda yadda yadda, check out the temple info post and OoC plotting post to do stuff. As with the others, threads will be unlocked as progress is made, but hopefully before then we will know the outcome so the final dungeon can be unlocked and backtags are always cool with me. Unless you're a loser. Then I won't backtag you.
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Who: Ardyn Izunia, NPCs, and any Heroes
What: Facing the Archfiend of Fire
Where: Old Mysidia, Mysidian Pyramid
When: May 15th
Notes: Additional portions of the map will be unlocked as progress is made. Any replies will be made at least once a day. See the OOC Plotting and OOC Information posts for more details.

The Safehouse (Mingle)
Approaching the Pyramid
Enter the Labyrinth
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Who: Deadpool, any Heroes wanting to join in and random NPCS
What: It's time to beat some sense into Deadpool, the Archfiend of Earth
Where: The Temple of Earth
When: May 15th
Warnings: Marvel Comics overload and something about urinals. Also, will unlock other threads as it comes to it.
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Who: Ales, NPCs, any Heroes here to fight
What: Confronting the Archfiend of Wind
Where: Outside Trano Golsaucia, Trano Golsaucia, Temple of Wind
When: May 15th
Notes: Toplevels will be unlocked as progress is made. Replies will be made at least once a day. See the OOC plotting thread EDIT: OOC dungeon information

Mingle at the Camp
Approaching the Temple
The Flying Fortress
Ales Mansay, the Archfiend of Wind
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Who: Saori, Mary, Ira, Lydia, Duster, Tazendra, Minato
What: Returning to the Mythril Mines to fight the bonus boss
Where: Mythril Mines
When: Shortly after meeting up in the Village of Santa
Notes: Single thread, please!

Without much of a lead on where everyone else in the world is, the fed, clothed, and rested group returned to the mines. There was something living inside that cave that had likely killed all of the miners, and if not, well, it was one less Calamity beast. It would give them something to do until a ship was prepared to take them to another continent.

"Careful where you step," Duster said as he help his lantern over the body of a former worker. "It's...awful." There wasn't any way to politely describe what had happened.

The Reunion

May. 4th, 2017 03:34 pm
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Who: Everyone (and NPCs)
What: All of the Heroes manage to get onto the Enterprise and talk about what happened, share information
Where: Enterprise, New Mysidia
When: Early May
Notes: Add toplevels for characters and scenes you wish to play out. Include information on the subject line. Check the OOC post for plotting out the next part of the Endgame

[As the network reached out to the rest of the Heroes, locating where each of them where, the airship engine found in the Desert of Evil quickly made its way across the sea and to Cid's workshop. With an airship on their side, all of the Heroes were picked up and brought together for the first time in five years.

There were many things for them to share...]
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Who: Duster, Ira, Lydia Deetz, Mary Read, Minato Arisato, Saori Nakagawa, Tazendra Lavode
What: The two groups enter Santaland from different directions, meet up, and learn about what's going on.
Where: Village of Santa Claus
When: April 24
Notes: Please add in starters for new scenes. Please read the OOC plotting thread for plotting and such!
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Who: Aang, Aoi, Barkeep, Kenshin, Midna, Sparks, Vincent
What: Two groups meet up and decide to check out the nice, cool forest. There may be someone waiting there
Where: Cursed Forest, Temple of Earth?
When: March 24
Notes: There will be multiple starters

From two separate directions, bands of Heroes traverse the wastelands in search for the others. One crossed an entire desert carrying the remains of an airship engine, wishing for water. The other climbed down the Death Mountains fearing for their lives. At last, they have more people to talk to.
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Who: Ales Mansay, Ardyn Izunia, Deadpool, Hisui Hearts
What: Catch-all for various meetings and wacky conversations the Four Archfiends had while the Heroes of Light were sleeping
When: 5 years ago to current day
Where: Temples, various hangouts, vague meeting rooms of plotting
Notes: Only the archfiends may respond to this post. Starters can be brought up by anyone.
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Who: Anise, Jade, Selphie and Sonic
What: Team Gotta Go Hyper arrives at New Mysidia but first, they have to get past the guards and whatever company is thrown their way.
Where: New Mysidia
When: March 15
Warnings: None yet.
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Characters Barkeep, Sparks, Vincent, Rialynn & Midna
Where Desert of Evil.
When Five Years Later...
Summary This isn't where I left my pants...
Warning Will Update

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Characters Sephiroth, Chrom, Rikku & Yuna.
Where Swamp of Sorrow.
When Five Years Later...
Summary the Pilgrimage of Team Swords & Spirans.
Warning Will Update

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Characters: Albel, Nanami, Sheena, and Twilight Sparkle
Where: Stiltzkin Castle
When: March 5th, Five years later.
Summary: It's been five years and our heroes have woken up, and there's a castle! A castle! Did I mention there's a castle?

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Characters: Team Zestiria the Cross (Sorey, Mikleo, Lailah, Edna)
Where: Hera Island, near Former Research Center
When: March 5th
Summary: I didn't want to be left out of the song lyric extravanganza. Stuff happens.

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Characters: Aoi Kurashiki, Akane Kurashiki, Kenshin, Aang
Where: Death Mountain, Desert of Evil side
When: After the time skip, March 5th
Summary: Wake up, Heroes! Wake up! We’re going to Death Mountain. It’ll be an adventure. We’re going on an adventuuuuuure, Heroes.


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